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A young man so desperate to become a rock star, he will sacrifice everything.

Budding Femdom

The twins go away on vacation but when they return they have more plans for Paul and Tom.

The lifelong best friends had never experienced sex. They flirted with and teased boys, but it was together that they discovered the pleasures of the body.

Sarah isn't the brightest of girls but when her parents are killed she quickly learns that she dislikes the clothes that her mother bought her and she wants to know all about sex.

This story is about how 2 sisters spent the summer break after their first year at college.

i dont know what this is lol but it says i need one so. here this is. please enjoy my story but dont complain, its my first story!!also, please comment how i did!

The walls are broken down, what’s next? Is it love or will it all come crashing down.

Bing goes from standing in front of the class to being the class project.